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CIS welcomes to its campus school leaders, practitioners, and researchers interested in sharing their knowledge and practices.

Chinese International School
2nd Dual-Language Symposium

Learn From Each Other
April 28-29, 2017
Friday & Saturday

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Friday, April 28








Apple 教師認證 (Apple Teacher Program )Room 226 Room 226FILLINGJanice Dwyer 書冊閱讀的教學方法及其現狀和未來 - Room 624 Room 624FULLSu Yuan 教育神經學研究對性別差異化教學的啟示 - Room 621 Room 621FILLINGJinghua Hou "Zhong-Yue, Yang-Yue": A diaspora of perspectives from the arts - Room 424 Room 424LIMITEDDr. Sam Lau • Suzanna Sitomer The Psychological and Neural Consequences of Using Linguistic Tones in L1 - Room 625 Room 625LIMITEDDr. Gang Peng Chinese History: a Dual-language Approach at CIS - Room 523 Room 523FULLDr. Brigitt Amthor • Anna Chan Combining 21st Learning with Chinese National Standards - Room 623 Room 623LIMITEDElizabeth Hardage Delivering Theory of Knowledge Bilingually: Sharing Practice - Room 225 Room 225LIMITEDAlethea Bleyberg Dual-Language Learning Supported via Technology - Room 622 Room 622FILLINGByron Jackson eLearning in Chinese Class Part 1- Room 522 Room 522FULLGrace Chu • Hsiu-Hsiu Lee • Horng-Ni Leu • Vivi Peng Harvard Project Zero Visible Thinking in Chinese Teaching and Learning “可視化思維”在中文教學中的應用- Room 224 Room 224FULLSha Luo • Yi Niu Keynote Discussion- The Power of Reading: Literacy and Language Development for Children in Bilingual Situations (Translation Available)- Lower Secondary Gym Lower Secondary Gym Block 0Stephen Krashen Mindfulness and Metacognition - Teaching Practices to Enhance the Dual-Language Classroom - Room 524 Room 524FULLYajing Dou • Cheryl Terry Texts, Contexts and Culture in Foreign Language Education - Room 521 Room 521LIMITEDMariona Anglada Escudé • Antonio Alcoholado Feltstrom Using iPad to Enhance Reading - Room 423 Room 423FILLINGEdward Chang • Yu Yin Chu Using the Classroom Environment to Inspire Deeper Learning and Thinking - Room 422 Room 422FULLRyan Hummer • Maggie Lo 如何利用eMPOWER提升中文口語表達能力 - Room 626 Room 626FILLINGTina Luo







Unleashing Creativity: For Students and Teachers - Room 523 Room 523FULLAkio Iida • Cindy Lo Apple 教師認證 (Apple Teacher Program )Room 226 Room 226LIMITEDEdward Chang What Is Cantonese? What Is Its Fate? - Room 626 Room 626LIMITEDSiu Ming Cheung 一個“新型教學路線圖”- 用以培植非母語零起點幼小學生順暢建立從認字到完成閱讀理解的完整能力 - Room 621 Room 621FULLLaura Wang 從邊緣到核心——基於“移動學習”的初中語文閱讀與寫作 - Room 422 Room 422LIMITEDHe Xin Understanding and Supporting Dyslexic Learners- Room 221 Room 221FILLINGAnita Liu Chateau Lafite, care to add Sprite? - Room 624 Room 624FILLINGAlexander S. Chen Creating a Curriculum System for Chinese and Chinese Culture - Room 625 Room 625FILLINGJing Li • Caroline Xu 许敏 Break Out from the Stereotype and Explore the New Way of Teaching Chinese 突破教學定式,探索漢語教學新方法 - Room 623 Room 623FULLJulia Zhu Building a Student-Led Experiential Learning Program Using Tech and Humanities - Room 223 Room 223LIMITEDDouglas Crets Concept Learning In MYP - Room 222 Room 222LIMITEDIrene Gu eLearning in Chinese Class Part 2 - Room 522 Room 522FILLINGGrace Chu • Hsiu-Hsiu Lee • Horng-Ni Leu • Vivi Peng How to Implement Inquiry-based Learning in Chinese Class - Room 622 Room 622FULLDanni Li Keynote Discussion: What Language Tells Us about Cognition: A few things you may not know about Chinese (Translation Available) - Lower Secondary Gym Lower Secondary Gym Block 0Huang Chu Ren 黃居仁教授 Learning a Second Language Through Music - Room 424 Room 424FILLINGDr. Edwin Tanner Teaching Spanish/French as a 3rd Language in a Dual-Language Environment - Room 423 Room 423LIMITEDSophie Borduas • Keena Lee Thrush



Saturday, April 29